EPQ – Extended Project Qualification

Why study this course?

EPQ is an increasingly popular choice with over 120 projects successfully completed since it was introduced onto the 6th Form syllabus 4 years ago. It is entirely project-based, with no examination, on a topic of your choice. It involves largely independent research, organisation, creation and evaluation.

You will, of course, be guided through the various stages with lectures, individual consultations and formal lessons to help you complete the
project to a good standard. It is graded and equivalent to an AS qualification, receiving points on the UCAS system as well as being tangible proof of your passion for a certain subject area and your ability to use initiative and inter-personal skills in your academic career.

Previous EPQ students have mentioned it in their personal statement as evidence of their desire to follow a particular career and we always ask form tutors to mention it in the reference they write for you as part of your UCAS application. It is a great opportunity to study an academic area in which you are interested but does not feature in your A Level courses and counts as part of your enrichment profile.

How is the course structured?

The ‘product’ of your project can be a formal 5,000 word essay but equally can be an event (like a fashion show), a website or an illustrated book. In fact, as long as you can demonstrate the requisite research, planning, design and evaluation, it will be accepted in any form.

30 hours of classroom-based work on areas such as research, conducting interviews, planning, source evaluation, referencing, constructing bibliographies and preparing presentations.

It is normally completed in around 50 hours of independent work outside the classroom, following a schedule of your own making. You have a minimum of 4 individual consultations spread through the project so that you can discuss progress with your allocated supervisor.

A Production Log is required to show your EPQ journey from your initial idea to its completion. And you will be asked to deliver a final presentation to a group of 4 fellow EPQ students during which you evaluate your learning experiences.