Life Choices

In September the PPD programme in the Sixth Form was rebranded as Life Choices, marking the start of a revamp of this essential area of our post 16 curriculum. The aim of Life Choices is to equip our students with the knowledge and understanding to make well informed decisions about their future, as well as providing them with a range of skills that they will need in order to face the challenges of independent living.

The programme, which is delivered in a 45 minute session each week, by our team of dedicated Sixth Form tutors, includes interactive tutor group sessions, guest speakers, educational visits, and inter-form competitions. The subject matter covered includes topics as diverse as UCAS, cookery, road safety, financial planning, relaxation techniques, GAP year opportunities and travel planning.

In 2016/7 we plan to include visits to apprenticeship and UCAS exhibitions, as well as developing new opportunities for extra –curricular activities and Sixth Form trips. Our desire is to deliver a programme that is educational, fun and engaging. With this in mind there are a number of competitions such as the tug of war, team initiative exercises, and the £20 to Plenty Challenge.


As the headline suggests, Alternative Learning Week creates a number of great opportunities for all our Year 12 students to be challenged and reflective and grow as young adults!

Here is just a taste of the sort of activities that are part of Alternative Learning Week:
During the week they learn practical skills such as cooking on a budget, car maintenance and how to manage their finances, all essential life skills for the future! In addition, they also gain the expertise and guidance of external speakers such as a University admission tutor who provide an in depth critique of what Universities are looking for.

Furthermore, there are sessions focused around health and mental well being, delivered by professionals such as the nurse practitioners, to allow students to feel confident in dealing with the pressures of modern life. Finally, both the police and fire department deliver thought provoking and poignant presentations on the dangers of driving in the modern world. They share stories and real life cases which allow the students to reflect on their own driving and how best to protect themselves.

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